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How to get in Belgium and YpresFor the tourist from oversea there is a wide choice of transportation to reach Belgium and Ypres. Depending from where you will come we recommend you to take the airplane, train, car, ferry or Euro tunnel. Sometimes a combination of 2 different transportation choices are necessary to reach Ypres.

From UK with your car

Le Shuttle Eurotunnel : The tunnel consists of 3 interconnected tubes: 1 rail track each way plus 1 service tunnel. Its length is 31 miles, of which 23 miles are underwater. Its average depth is 150 feet under the seabed.

Since the opening of The opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994, millions of people came across the Channel.

It is a very quick way to travel as there are 2 to 3 departs each hour and the crossing time for le Shuttle is only 35 minutes.

Crossing with the Ferry gives the fealing of a small cruise. There are different companies such as: P&O and Sea France

From UK as a footpassenger

There is a choice between ferrys, Eurostar from London to Brussels or London to Lille (France) or airplanes. once you arrive on the continent you will to rent a car or you can use our services: pick up from the train station in Lille (easiest for everyone), Brussels airport or Calais.

Ferry's : P&O and Sea France

Eurostar :

By Air

In Belgium: 3 main airports: Brussels, Charleroi and Ostende.

Brussels International Airport : Information on timetable with actual times for departures and arrivals - Flights information from/to USA to/from Brussels, arriv al hall, departure hall, service providers and much more.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport : Mainly for Ryanair fights coming from London, Italy, France etc and charter flights going from Brussels to Greece, Tunisia, etc...

Ostende Brugge Airport

Maps - Weather Forecast - Gasoline - Telephone

The roads in Belgium and in France are very good. If you take your own car or rent a car, the basic problems are the same. How to drive on the right side of the road, witch maps to use, understand the road signs.

The best maps to use in France and Belgium are the Michelin maps yellow 1/200.000. For the Calais-Ypres area nr 51 and for the Somme nr 53.

Michelin has also a very good website with route planner and online maps:

Petrol and gasoline are much cheaper in Belgium and France. It is recommended to buy of the motorway. Have a look at the prices in France and Belgium: Fuel Prices Europe.